Genuinely Exclusive

Only available for High Net Worth Individuals & Sophisticated Investors.

Formed in 2012 the GE Club for High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors was set up for many reasons. Here are just a few.

Firstly to enable like-minded professionals to meet, network and attend interesting sporting and social events throughout the year – events that they either wouldn’t book themselves or don’t have the time to organise. We do, so come and join us. Networking is not limited to boring receptions in impersonal hotels with people you don’t want to meet. It can be done whilst you are also enjoying yourself at a social or sporting event of your choice. Share your experiences with other people – people who think the same way as you do and people who have the same values. You’ve worked hard to get where you are today. A wider network of contacts creates more opportunity.

Secondly opportunity, and specifically investment opportunity. Most people who qualify for the GE Club will have got there because they have thought outside the box. There’s little advantage to be gained from joining the flock other than turning yourself into a investment sheep like everyone else. We get to see an enormous number of businesses and investment opportunities – you may wish to invest or you may wish to get involved – your choice. Always better to be given the opportunity and then decide rather than never be offered it at all.

Thirdly discretion, and in response to a backlash against intrusive regulation of individuals in the financial markets. We believe that High Net Worth and Sophisticated Individuals want to exercise their right to keep their financial information confidential and make investment decisions themselves without having to justify why, other than to themselves. The GE Club allows them that autonomy.